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Our mission is to transform humanity and create a world of healthy, happy, and fulfilled people. We deeply believe that this is possible only through massive personal growth education and practice -- the one that actively involves every individual, every family and community worldwide.

This is why...

1. We are building the world’s biggest knowledge library and network of teachers, learners, and practitioners in skills of personal growth.

2. We help all teachers to expand their networks and teachings to touch more lives and create a bigger impact.

3. We encourage and support all learners to become teachers themselves, to spread the knowledge further, transforming their communities along the way.

UpFind For Learners

We provide education in key life skills to support you in living a healthy and fulfilled life.

Trainings that supercharge your growth

Master any area of your life with guidance. Whether you are interested in improving your health, having better relationships, or finding your true purpose - our courses, events, quests, and mentorship can help you get there.

Find the right training for you.

Professional trainings

Do you feel a calling to become a teacher and help others?

If you are inspired to become a teacher in any area of personal growth and spread well-being out into the world, you are at the right place. UpFind offers a full-circle structured program that trains you to become a teacher yourself.

You would be guided by highly trained senior teachers in every step of your journey and have opportunities to co-teach with supervision to gain practical experience. After completing your training, UpFind offers support with creating your own content, finding the right audience, and anything and everything in between to start your teaching career.

New teachers join a global teaching community on an exciting mission to transform humanity through personal growth education.

Get in touch with us to learn more.

Find the right teacher training for you.

Library of inspiring content from top experts

Our content team and community of experts handpick the best content in personal growth from across the web. In one place, you will learn from renowned experts in personal development, health, fitness, and well-being. Discover their courses, videos, articles, events, and more.

Find the right topic for you.

Daily motivation and inspiration

Stay inspired with our bite-sized lessons straight to your inbox.

Communities of like-minded people

Connect with people who share your interests and make learning a social experience. Discuss, inspire, and support each other in reaching your goals.

Find the right community for you.

UpFind For Teachers

We support you in spreading valuable teachings that make this world a better place for all.

Global teaching community with a shared mission

Join a growing teaching community from all over the world. We share a mission of spreading personal growth education to every corner of the world, to heal and transform humanity. We are yoga teachers, mindfulness facilitators, psychotherapists, nutritionists, medical doctors, and much more. UpFind is a space to connect, inspire, share, and unite in creating a bigger impact.

View the vibrant community of more than 200 teachers

Reach global audience passionate about personal growth

Find the right audience that needs your knowledge and guidance. UpFind can help you widen your reach globally by promoting your content and offerings on our platform and in our targeted marketing campaigns.

Get in touch with us to boost your reach and marketing.

A wealth of inspiring, best-rated content

Expand beyond what you know. On UpFind, you can discover best-rated content from renowned experts in all areas of personal growth, updated daily with new great picks. You can easily share what you like with your audience and customize it to suit your needs.

Continuing education training

Strengthen your skills. We offer a wide range of online and offline advanced training, taught by leading experts.

Find the right CE training for you.

Your online teaching hub

Your UpFind profile can be your virtual presence where you advertise your offerings, create your content, and communicate with a broader audience -- all in one place.

You can also benefit from our integrated scheduling and booking system, so users can see and book your offerings directly on our platform. Our goal is to make it easier for you to manage the business side of your work (whether you have your website or not), so you have more time to focus on what you love doing -- teaching.

Bring your courses online

Teaching online has never been more essential, and we can help! UpFind has everything you need to take your courses entirely online. You can easily create your curriculum with our course builder and promote your courses on UpFind and beyond.

The great thing is: you can grow communities and resources around your courses through UpFind's features and networks. You can engage with learners through quizzes, discussions, and emails, lead virtual events, and much more.

Build your network of teachers and mentors

Certify your best learners to spread your teachings worldwide, in different languages and more communities. Build your loyalty and referral programs, and boost your follower base.


At UpFind, we always welcome enthusiastic people who like our mission and wish to contribute. If you are a teacher or mentor and would like to join a teaching community, please contact us. Also, we would love to hear from content writers and reviewers, website developers, marketing and social media wizards, and more. Be a part of our growing community dedicated to making this world a better place for all. Please email us at


Personal growth education accessible to all

We are committed to bringing personal growth education to all people worldwide, regardless of their location, language, income, and other circumstances.

UpFind is curating the most extensive library of personal growth content, with thousands of free resources. We are working with teachers to include free and discounted events and courses. Currently, all resources are in English, but we plan to include offerings in other languages soon.

Please support our work to grow our free library in multiple languages and touch many more lives. You can donate here.

Thank you!


We are happy to help you with any questions you may have.

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